Iain Jardine Racing – Where horses come first
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Our objective with the Iain Jardine Racing Club is to have members experience the thrill of racehorse ownership, but most importantly to have fun and enjoy yourself. We will have a minimum number of two horses forming the club.

There will be two membership uptakes. Membership will commence on 1st August and 1st January (conditional upon payment of the first Membership Fee being paid as per this agreement). The Iain Jardine Racing Club has a one-off yearly fee of £99.

Benefits include:

  • Regular updates that will be sent via a WhatsApp group.
  • A membership pack including share certificate, IJR Ballpen, Photo & Leaflet
  • Two annual Stable visits to Hetland Hill
  • The chance to enter the ballot for free Os&Ts tickets when the horses run.

Please email [email protected] for more information.