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Our Team at Iain Jardine Racing are second to none and operate at the highest level. You can be assured that your investment in us is an investment in you. You need to know about.

Iain Jardine


Jamie Gormley

Flat Jockey

Fern Carey

Barn Manager

Sam Ansell

Barn Manager

Daisy Bright

Barn Manager

Conner O’Farrell

National Hunt Jockey

Ash Buck

Work Rider

Aimee Dryden

Work Rider

Monika Filipowska

Barn Manager

Jackie Neish


Ellen Renwick

Travelling Lass

Ben Thorburn

Stable Lad

Kayleigh Pretswell

Travelling Head Lass

Hannah Crawford

Stable Lass

Ericka Davies

Stable Lass

Kyla Cranston

Casual/Weekend Staff

Morven Pringle

Work Rider

Lindsay Pflanz

Travelling Lass

Roy Barrett

We’d be lost without him

Jonathan Galbraith (Jonty)

Gallops Man

Kennie Little


Ailsa McClung

Amateur Jockey

Max Jenkins

Conditional Jockey

Shannon Watts

Apprentice Jockey

Poppy Wilson Machin

Stable Lass

Katie Mannion

Yard Person

Dom Hislop

Casual/Weekend Staff

Abbie Cowan

Casual/Weekend Staff

Nate Seery

Stable Lad

Milly Maxwell

Trainers PA

Beth Love

Trainee Yard Person