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A tough day at the office yesterday

I should have been watching what I believe to be a progressive 2yo make his racecourse debut at Redcar while keeping an eye on the 3 Carlisle runners via the tv and regular contact with my team.  The bookies and the Racing Post had other plans however!  Tagged as part of a “massive gambling coup” my day couldn’t have gone more differently even if I’d tried to imagine it.
My initial reaction is that of panic! Who will believe the tabloids? Will my Owners trust me? What if I have a winner? Who’s behind this? So many questions run through your head and interfere with what’s important. After I’d calmed down and started to focus again, I was able to train my horses properly. Make a few phone calls. Get organised and away to Redcar on time! The day deteriorated a bit, some horses didn’t run as well as I’d hoped, let alone what the bookies were predicting.
It’s days like this you really find out who your friends and supporters are. I’ll never know who was behind it all, I don’t want to! For now i’m up and about for another day. Training winners, hopefully pleasing owners and trying to prove to my staff I’m not that bad really, only on days when people try to get you down. But I’ve learnt in this game, what happens today, makes you stronger for tomorrow!